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I give you: The Finger!

The top image was my daily sketch for Sept. 11th. Apparently, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done, because my friend Kurt Dinse drew the following two images. My first fan art! What was originally just a dumb joke doodle has taken hold, so inspired by Kurt’s inspiration, I drew The Finger again for today’s sketch.




Well… the f*cking cat is out of the f*cking bag! As Bleeding Cool has vigilantly observed, our Holy F*ck #1 covers have been censored in Diamond’s upcoming October 2014 issue of PREVIEWS.

Don’t worry… your print copies will have their “F*CK” displayed proud and loud at the comic shop. Just not in the catalog.

Holy F*ck’s gorgeous comic book covers by darrudamassa have been censored by THE MAN


  • Track Name

    Twin Peaks Ep 17: Arbitrary Law

  • Album

    Gutter Trash

  • Artist

    The View Masters


Recorded September 4, 2014

The View Masters - Twin Peaks Ep 17: Arbitrary Law

With the discovery of Maddy Ferguson’s death, Cooper and Truman, push their investigation into full-drive. Catherine, disguised once against as Mr. Tojamura, visits Ben in jail and tells him that she will give him his alibi if he signs the sawmill and the Ghostwood Developments over to her. Meanwhile, Leland learns about Laura’s secret diary from Donna.

- From IMDB

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Time - 37:15 min. / File Size - 18mb

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