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Day 608

Imperious Rex! You’re about to get The Hypo!

So, I was thinking out loud about doing a theme month for October, and JB Sapienza suggested this to me, which, for lack of a better term, I will call “Cosplay Month”. I will draw fictional characters, historical figures, and possibly celebrities (of course, only those I’d feel I could draw) dressed up as other fictional characters, historical figures, or celebrities. The example, for instance – Wolverine dressed as Superman. So to start it off, I did Honest Abraham Lincoln as Prince Namor – The Submariner.

I am absolutely taking suggestions for this theme. Hit me with everything you’ve got.

Also, it’s Inktober. Which doesn’t really mean much since I draw something in ink almost everyday anyhow.

  • Track Name

    Twin Peaks Episode 19: Masked Ball

  • Album

    Gutter Trash

  • Artist

    The View Masters


Recorded September 17, 2014

The View Masters - Twin Peaks Episode 19: Masked Ball

Following the mysterious disappearance of Major Briggs, Cooper and Truman investigate his research with the Air Force which involved in classified dealings with paranormal events which includes an unofficial search for a place called the White Lodge and the Black Lodge. Later, a transvestite DEA agent, named Dennis (Denise) Bryson, arrives to investigate the drug charges against Cooper.

- From IMDB

Email Eric or Joe.

Time - 31:52 min. / File Size - 16mb

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